Please join us at one of our Open House Dates.....

Posted by Homeschool ETC on Jan 21 2019 at 09:09AM PST

When: February 1st & March 8th

Time: 9:30 – 11:00

Where: Arvada Covenant Church – 5555 Ward Rd. – Arvada (basement lobby)

Who: Anyone interested in HSE for 2019/2020 school year. Parents and students encouraged to attend the open house together.

Why: Best way to gather information about HSE and the+ 1st step in the registration process+.

What we need from you: filled out Family registration form if you haven’t done so already.

Please bring your families…..sign up for one slot – covers whole family!

A brief overview…
We meet at Arvada Covenant Church (5555 Ward Rd, Arvada) for 12 Fridays per semester. 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. We break for lunch from 11:45-12:00

We ususally start last week in Aug. and end before Thanksgiving. We start back in mid January and go to early April. We have a Back to School family picnic, game nights for Jr/Sr High kids, Formal Dinner for Jr/Sr High kids, fieldtrips for all ages and a fantastic Gala Fundraiser with live and silent auction. We also collectBoxtops for Education, Longmont Dairy lids, and have King Soopers reloadable cards as ongoing fundriasers to help keep our fees so low. Everyone attends all Core Classes from 9:00 – 11:45. We dress up in costumes, use props and try our best to have really fun hands on activities as our teaching tools. Lectures are minimal but in our older classes sometimes necessary. If we lecture we try to have a time of group activity/discussion. Last hour of the day is electives….students pick one class per semester. We can talk about these later as I have no idea what we will be offering. No homework for these classes….only enrichment. We offer 3 levels of Writing/Literature several different high school science classes and Spanish that requires homework, extra time and is at an additional fee. We also offer a few Dual Enrollment college classes with CCU. We are not sure what those are right now but if you have your Master’s degree and have interest in teaching a college level class let us know.

5 Year Rotation:

Year 1: Creation – Rome – 2019/2020

Year 2: Early Church – Reformation – 2020/2021

Year 3: Early Americas – 1850 – 2021/2022

Year 4: 1850 – Modern Times – 2022/2023

Year 5: Geography – 2023/2024

Elementary classes: History, Science, Music, Art and Bible/Missions and STEM. Jr High classes: History, Bible, Worldview, Music/Art, Team Building, Communication Skills have all been offered in the past.

Sr. High classes: Bible, Worldview, Music/Art, Team Building, Communication Skills have all been offered in the past.

We will begin planning for 2019/2020 in May

FEES per semester:

Registration – $25 per student, NON REFUNDABLE, due upon acceptance in May/June

Tuition – $125 per student – due 1 month prior to first day

Family Insurance – $25 per family

High School Credit class -$100

Dual Enrollment with CCU – $125 to HSE and $200 to CCU


Attend an Open House and if you haven’t already done so, please see the attached Family Registration form link. Complete this registration.

We sort our classes by birthday not grade.

We split the elementary into 6 different groups….(approx.) 5-7 yrs. mixed, 8-9 yrs. boy and girl classes and 10-11 yrs. boy and girl classes. This varies depending on ages and how we can fit them all in. :) Our elementary classes are max of 21 students.

The Jr. High (approx.) 12-14 yrs. girl and boy classes and Sr. high (approx.) 15-18 yrs. girl and boy classes.

Second, please consider how you might get involved on a weekly basis. We are a parent run program so it is imperative to get involved. What’s your gifting….teaching, helping in the classroom, “homeroom mom”, fieldtrip coordinator, administrative, creative marketing, behind the scenes, writing grants….do you prefer elementary or jr/sr high? Are you qualified to teach a duel-credit class….what are you passionate about? There are many different areas you can fit into and everyone has a gift!! :) The HSE community needs you!


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