Homeschool ETC Student & Parent Handbook Signature

hideYou should not enter any sensitive information on this page such as health data, passwords or social security numbers. If you are being asked or need to provide this information for your registration please contact Homeschool ETC directly.

Homeschool ETC Student & Parent Handbook Signature

Please read through the Student & Parent Handbook with your students explaining both the guidelines and consequences. If you don’t have a hard copy you can find the digital copy under the documents tab on the home page.

Provide us with your name, address, email address, list all students enrolled at HSE and your home and cell phone numbers. If you don’t have one or the other please fill use 123-456-7890

Once you have read the handbook, both parents and students need to submit their typed names.

You must do this by Aug. 17.2018.

Thank you so much!!!


I have read the Homeschool ETC Student & Parent Handbook with my students who are attending Homeschool ETC. We understand and agree to follow these guidelines with willing and joyful hearts. Our typed names serve as our signatures.

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